About Us

Lindsay Ann Kendal - I've been restoring photographs for years, for friends and family. I've done literally hundreds of them. Now I've decided put what I know to good use, especially with being a writer, I like to know that covers for my books will look good, and that the trailers will be eye catching.

Robert J. Hunyor - Robert is a 32 year old self proclaimed "geek".  He has worked on computers for 12 years and has experience in everything from simple repair, to complex networking solutions.  After attempting to start a business related to his skills, he decided that it just wasn't his "cup of tea".  He's since migrated away from being the geeky type and Joined the local volunteer fire dept. where he's been for 5 months.  Robert recently discovered a hidden talent in digital art, creating book covers, flyers, book trailers and general photo manipulation for his wifes book.  While his wife was self published he created the book covers, which you can see in his portfolio, as well as several logos and flyers.  Now that his wife is with a publisher, he concentrates his time on website design and book trailers.  All of his skills in digital art are self taught.